My name is Courtney and I'm a Clinical Therapist turned entrepreneur who helps people just like you step out of the ordinary life they know they're not meant for and live a life thats full, satisfying and most importantly, fun!

"How so?" you might ask...

I blend my extensive background in behavioral psychology, professional development  with modern sales practices to help people shift their presence online to become influential in the online space and 10x their income.


What's the best part? I help people do it all from the device they're probably on right now, their phone. I've done it and I've helped hundreds of others just like you do the same thing.

So, if that sounds like you ...stick around friend    

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Developing an entrepreneurial mindse
How to brand your business
Understand the Power of Branding
Tools and Resources



Tools & Resources

where's the %22all the above%22 option?.

Imagine running a business where you are genuinely connecting with people who are naturally attracted to what you offer and you get to do it on the device you're already on most frequently...your phone. 

Sounds too good to be true right?


Does the idea of working as your own boss make you feel exhilarated or exhausted?​What if I made it so simple that even with a little bit of effort, you could not fail?

Sound like a fantasy?

Trust me when I say, it doesn't have to be.


Because, I've been able to do it myself!


I have built a multi-million dollar business and generated a multiple six-figure income from my phone. I love every minute of it because I'm building real relationships with people who want what I have and it greatly improves their life (and it's super simple).


I've also helped hundreds of other people on our team do the exact same thing! See what they have to say about how simple it really can be!  

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Business Owner & Mom of 10

"In order to grow you have to make personal connections with new people daily & maintain relationships with loyal customers. Doing this can often become” automated” and the relationship is lost and sales are lost.  Since implementing this easy to do method into my business I have watched my network grow like crazy! What I love most about it is the simplicity!"

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Business Owner & Influencer

The RCM Method is a great business builder!! It truly encompasses how to grow your business in a meaningful, non-spammy way that allows me to build authentic relationships that enable me to truly help my clients have the best experience possible. Commit to at least 30 days of doing this method consistently and it will grow your business".



Business Owner & Mom

"Doing RCMs the correct way is absolutely how I experienced so much growth in my business. Without that basic foundation being down-pat, I would have never been able to build a sustainable business and income in network marketing. "

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 Curious ? 

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So, here's the tea...

None of us come into this industry with experience in marketing, website design, Ad strategy, as social media strategists, etc. We are moms and dads, college students or full-time 9-5ers. We are just like you. 

Now, I get it. You might be thinking, "network marketing is a scam" and I'd kinda have to agree with you a little bit... but hear me out. 

Network Marketing as a business model is not a scam, but people who use old school, out-dated, slimy methods of building their network marketing business IS a scam.  

I can't promise you'll be successful at this but, I can promise that our team provides some of the best training in the industry to equip you with the knowledge and resources you need to build a successful business. 

We use cutting edge methods, automation strategies and genuine relationship building techniques based in clinical psychology to build your business the real way; the right  way.


If you are coachable, motivated and disciplined while applying these step-by-step methods, you'll build you a solid brand, with a steady income and and all that time freedom we talk so much about. 

Now let me ask you

Does that sound doable?

Does getting connected to a mulit-million dollar team with cutting edge, mentorship, resources and training (FOR FREE) to help you build a profitable online sound like a good deal?

'cause it is!

Most people pay over $10,000 to receive mentorship from top-industry leaders, attend value-packed trainings, webinars and trainings that are jam-packed full of the same resources you'll be getting with our team. 

Let's talk about some of the things I'll do to help you become a PRO in this industry as well as all of the resources you'll get when you partner with me to help you get started!!


An Elite Online Training Course that is self-paced where you will learn:

$299 Value (FREE) 

  • How to earn your VIP Fast Start bonuses, 

  • An intricate tour of your Back Office

  • How to help prospects order, details about products and consulting

  • How to onboard new promoters and easily duplicate a simple process to grow like crazy!

  • How to tell your story and use social media without being salesy

14 Days of Done-for-You Posts

$29 Value (FREE)

  • 14 days of posts to begin using instantly 

  • Plug and Play posts to personalize with your voice and message

5 Tips for Higher Engagement 

$19 Value (FREE)

  • The exact tips I use to grow a huge following

  • Engagement tools that have helped my posts to go viral 

  • Tips for "newbies" to implement instantly and see immediate results 

10 Steps to Successful Closing 

$99 Value (FREE)

  • The exact methods I've used to close hundreds of sales 

  • Proven communication skills from my 10+ years of experience as Clinical Therapist  

  • The exact scripts I follow to recruit quality, motivated team members



If you've gotten this far, chances are you're curious and ready to see what this is all about. If you want to take learning to the next level without any commitment just yet, click the button below!

I'll see you over there!

Online  Promoter Course

Self-Paced Training

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