How to become a Legend 

You did it!

You've done this for a whole week and you're crushing it!


Whether you've made sales or not, you are killing it and need to give yourself a pat on the back for showing up for yourself and your goals!

Although this is not the end 

...this is the final training email because you're a rockstar!


By now, you're connected to the groups, resources and chats we have to help you grow!

We hope you are loving the trainings, zooms, calls and camaraderie here on this team as much as we do!

...without further delay, we wanted to make sure you felt well equipped to move forward with confidence in this journey!


this is not the end, in fact it's only the beginning. 

We can't wait to see more of you around, on zooms, on lives and reaching all the ranks the company offers!

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