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     My name is                                                 and I consider myself a perpetual overachiever. No, not the kind that gets into Yale with a 4.2 GPA, but the kind that has to learn everything, all at once and be awesome at it.

Oh wait, that's called "obsessive".

     Call it passion or a disease (it's probably a disease but passion sounds more marketable, am I right? haha). But, whatever it is, I've got it and I've got it bad. In fact, it took me over an hour to choose the "right" font for this text. Since I am not completely in love with any of them, I'll probably learn how to code as my next task (just kidding... or am I?). 

     I say this because if I am going to talk about myself, I'm going to give you the good, the bad and the ugly and its mostly the latter two if we are being honest. My life is messy and I ended up where I am in large part, accidentally.

     So, who am I?

     I am an"okay"mother to two kiddos and married to one heck of a dreamboat in uniform. We have been married for over a decade now and even though this military lifestyle presents loads  of challenges both personally and professionally, we have managed to build our dream life together. However, it wasn't always that way. 

     We married young and had children young. As is the case for most people kin that situation, it presented a lot of challenges as we tried to build a life together and discover what exactly we wanted out of life. 


     My husband was firm in his desire to retire from the military and I admired that resolute dedication because it was something I was still searching for myself. I struggled to find jobs because nobody wanted to hire someone who moved every 1-2 years. As a result, I spent the better half of our married life in college; first getting an Undergrad in Psychology and then eventually a Graduate degree in Clinical Counseling & Program 


     This is where most people are satisfied and stop. But as you probably guessed, my obsessive tendencies didn't allow me to be content in this position for long.  It did not satiate the vision I had for myself like I thought it would, nor did I feel like I was fully living up to my potential. Anyone else ever feel that way too? 

     Truthfully, I never considered myself an "entrepreneur" and would have told anyone who asked that it was not at all my desire in life. Yet, I was often taking every skill I had and monetizing it somehow (clue #1). I was also very resourceful. If I didn't know a skill, I made it a point to learn it and perfect it (clue #2) and I was incredibly self motivated and driven. I was not easily derailed by failures. I obsessed over how to overcome them instead of dwelling on them and the problems they were causing. This trait is usually another clue that you might be an entrepreneur. Do you have some of these qualities? If so, you're in the right place!

     Let's fast forward a few years.


     I am now a successful business owner with an influential personal brand. I started my entrepreneurial journey in Network Marketing where I generated a 6-figure income from my phone and become a top leader in the company I partner with. I built a team of hundreds of other people just like me shape successful business of their own and generate financial freedom for themselves and their families. 


     Although I am still partnering with that company today, I took the skills I've learned over the years as both a clinical therapist & brand partner, combined effective behavioral psychology practices and marketing strategies to create programs and methods that help entrepreneurs navigate the online social space.


      I developed the strategy: Relationship-Based Marketing with a model known as the: RCM Method. As I started seeing greater lead conversion for both me and my team, it gained more notoriety and slowly became the standard practice among other Network Marketing teams. Overtime, these teams not only had greater lead conversion but also higher customer retention rates as well when implementing it correctly and consistently. 

      In addition to growing the team I built in my Network Marketing business, I am now an online business coach offering resources that help teach other entrepreneurs how to scale their business, build brand authority in their niche and generate leads that convert to loyal and even brand partners

     As if that wasn't enough to keep me busy, I also started a  podcast with my best friend and business partner, Kristin called, The Girl Code: Your Guide to all things Family, Friends and Female Entrepreneurship. I have to say, this is probably by far the business venture I have the MOST FUN doing despite it having the largest learning curve for me personally. 

    Aside from all the things I do for business, I also dabble in other hobbies like: personal training, photography and graphic design. I would probably learn "How to Travel to Space" if I had time for it quite honestly--I love learning new things and hate saying "I don't know" when being asked a question. If I don't know it, give me a few seconds and I will. 

     Now that you know a little bit about it, hopefully you feel more comfortable knowing that you're not alone in your journey. There are other men and women JUST LIKE YOU who had no clue what they were doing, but did it anyway. I always operate under the mentality: Start and just learn as you go. In my profession we say, "Ignorance on fire, is better than knowledge on ice". Basically, just start whatever it is you want to do and worry about the rest later. Don't worry about making it perfect or knowing it all before you get out there. 

Nike said it best, "Just Do It!"