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Ok, so... you're interested but how do you know which Experience is right for you?

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wanna be like miss

thing over here

No worries, we'll do our best to get you paired with the perfect experience for you and your goals-- But, first things first!

First, you have to remember that YOUR immediate goals may not be what your body needs immediately.


Second, I know you "gots goals"  but... we have to make sure we do it healthily...okuuurrr?


Awesome... let's do this!

primary  concerns

What are your 

  • I need more energy because I am so drained all the time

  • My weight. I am so tired of seeing what I see in the mirror

  • I need help with my sleep because I can't sleep to go to sleep at a decent time and when I do sleep, I toss and turn 

  • My Mood! I am cranky, feeling on edge, explosive, losing patience easily, sad, unmotivated, etc. 

  • I'm so achey! My joints and muscles are always so achey and sore! I hate feeling older than I really am!

  • My digestion needs help, big time! I'm so bloated and I'm tired of it!

  • I need to focus! I feel like I have squirrel brain and I'm always in this fog. 

  • I want to burn fat and tone up. I already workout and watch what I eat but I want to compound the results of the effort I'm currently putting in

  • MY SLEEP! I feel like I can''t fall asleep and when I do, it's not very good. I wake up feeling so groggy and pressing the snooze button until I can't any more

  • Pretty much most of these...

if I  could  I would

  • Get things done!

    • I'd play with my kids (willingly), do my homework (ahead on time), do stuff around the house without waiting until last minute, go the extra mile at work and stand out, etc.  ​

  • Have patience instead of always feeling on edge.

    • I wouldn't feel ruled by my emotions and people bringing me to the brink of explosion or just hiding.

  • Make time for me.

    • I would try to eat healthier, workout and even do some self care once and a while. 


    • I feel so stuck because I'm always sore. I want to want  to go do things like hiking, walking, yoga, playing with the kids, etc. 

  • Feel happier

    • I'd be more fun to be around instead of feeling like a drag all the time. I wouldn't be flakey because for once, I'd want to go out with people. 

  • I would be focused and get sh*t done!

    • I have so many unfinished tasks because I always get so distracted and overwhelmed. I feel like I get nothing done, yet, I feel so busy. 

  • Simplify Things!

    • I would ditch all the stuff I'm taking now because it really isn't working that well.

  • Save money and actually feel better!

    •  I'm sick of seeing all that money go down the drain honestly. I'd spare myself the caffeine anxiety and the NEED to get one. 

  • FINALLY get good sleep.

    • OMG what I wouldn't give to get good, quality sleep and not feel like a zombie in the morning. 

  • Finally tone up and lose that stubborn weight!​

    • I'm sick of putting in the work and not seeing much change 

  • Just feel better overall because right now, it ain't cutting it. 

. . . 


excited  yet


I know! Me too!!!

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lets  get  started

The Experience is a system...

Three Steps

womens capsules.png
lifestyle mix.png
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Lifestyle Mix



This means you need all three steps for it to work properly. 

I know, a few people may just want to do the DFT or just the lifestyle mix, or just the capsules and DFT, etc.


BUT, as a system, it is designed to work synergistically (together) to make amazing things happen!

Would you go to the car dealership and ask for a new car but not the wheels? Or the seats? No...haha

So, the THREE steps it is!

If you like science and want to know why they all work together, read this!

If you were more of an art or gym kinda kid in probably want to skip this and get to the fun stuff right? Thought so! So, press the button below to skip all the "sciencey mumbo-jumbo"


The minerals and vitamins in the capsules begin to break down in the stomach and metabolize; this is when you take the mix (which has all of the digestive enzymes, proteins and pre & probiotics necessary to bond with the Ingredients in the capsules.

This helps those ingredients make it past the harsh environment of the stomach, where typically other vitamins and supplements are broken down and wasted--however our process helps enable them to reach the gut which is where nutrients is primarily absorbed. 


Not only is this able to maximize absorption but you're are also cleaning out your gut which is where heavy toxins are held causing us to have brain fog, forgetfulness, poor sleep, lack of energy, weight gain, etc.


As you can imagine this is a lengthy process. This is why we have the DFT. The DFT helps to delay release throughout this whole process so that the body can get what it needs when it needs it. In addition, it's also releasing antioxidant. I mean after all, the skin is the body's largest organ!


Pretty cool, huh?

The Sciencey Mumbo-Jumbo

Now, let's figure out which experience is for you based on the things you picked above. Sound good?


The  Good  Stuff

All of The Experiences offer benefits for overall health, sleep management, digestion, joint support and focus.


However, we are going to focus on PRIMARY and SECONDARY targets to help us really hone in on an experience that will help you the most based on what you want to get out of it. 

The Black Label Experience

Package #1


  • Energy

  • Mood Support

  • Focus

  • Stamina


  • Weight Management

  • Toning

  • Appetite Control

The Ultra Experience

Package #2


  • Weight Management

  • Appetite Control

  • Aches and Discomforts


  • Gentle Energy, No Caffeine

  • Mood

  • Mental Clarity

Package #3

The Burn Experience


  • Weight Management

  • Toning

  • Fat burning


  • Energy

  • Mental Clarity

  • Appetite Control

The Premium Experience

Package #4


  • Gentle Energy, No Caffeine

  • Appetite Control

  • Mood


  • Weight Management

  • Sleep

  • Aches and Discomforts

Add  Ons




Balance has a gentle blend of enzymes plus pre and probiotics to cleanse your gut. Increases regularity, detoxes and helps to manage weight and bloat. 





Sculpt is a pure L-arginine amino acid blend to increase effects of exercise, burning fat, increase mental acuity, focus and energy naturally without caffeine 





Cafe is an antioxidant blend with a Cafe Mocha flavor. Cafe can be enjoyed iced or hot and can even be a delicious addition to your lifestyle mix. 


fan  favorite

and so much more

when ordering


  • Make sure you see the name of your referring promoter

  • Select the 4 week package or couples package if you are getting any of the above packages!

    •  The only exception to this is the "Premium Experience" (that one is available in a 2-week mini experience). 

  • Select the AUTOSHIP column.

    • I know, I know, that freaks you out.'s going to save you on average $50 on each order AND you get an additional $48 in FREE product each time your shipment processes.

    • You have the freedom to be flexible with your autioship (pause, skip or cancel at anytime without a fee). 

  • Shipping takes roughly 4-6 days

    • Sometimes sooner depending on where you live

    • Tracking is available after you order

after ordering

  • Connect with your consultant/promoter to begin the consultation process

    • this will make your experience smoother and more enjoyable. You will also have them as a resource to ask questions. 

  • Make sure you join our Thriving Community over on Facebook (HERE) to never miss any deals, steals or specials!

    • No spam

    • No annoying lives asking you to buy anything 

    • Just a place to voice praise or concerns and have a chance to win cool stuff!

  • Visit the Customer FAQ page to help walk you through starting your experience and answer any frequently asked questions. 

    • You also have your consultant as a resource, but a lot of basic questions are addressed in the page listed above!

  • Use your Customer referral link (found on your homepage) to get you Experiences for FREE!

    • Use your customer referral link and send it to friends who want to order. Once 2 people order in the same month, you'll get credits applied to your profile on the 2nd of the following month!​

    • Don't forget to send them this page so they can decide which Experience is right for them!


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