you did  it

...but now what?

You are probably wondering what to expect, huh?

You're probably thinking, "oh gosh what if this is just another huge waste of money"?!


That's natural. I think with so many things out there, we are constantly let down by empty promises from people who just want to make a "quick buck". 

But let's chat about a few things because I want to make sure you have the best experience possible!

How The Heck Do I Use It?

It's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3 

1) Take your Capsules first thing in the morning "before your feet hit the floor"

2) Prepare your Lifestyle Mix anyway you prefer (not hot). You can choose to do 1/2 or full serving. Shake it up or blend it!

3) Slap that DFT on!

Are you a visual person like me?

If so, try this on for size!

Simple, right?!


Now, let's talk about what to expect, look for and how to get the most out of your experience!

Let's get this out of the way right up front...

1) Most people do not have a 180 degree change Day one.

You're probably laughing at me like, "well no duh"! But, you'd be surprised how often people ask me why their life hasn't been changed in the first hour, haha


2) Try to avoid Caffeine

But, I can't live without my coffeeeeeee! I get it, but... you wanted to feel better right?


Believe it or not, that coffee you love so much isn't really doing you many favors anyway.


Also, caffeine your body doesn't need can leave you feeling one of two ways:

Jittery and Antsy


Neither of those are things you want to feel. If you need the taste, 

go decaf (I know that seems sacrilegious, but I believe in you, haha)

3) Drink More Water

I know, doesn't everyone say that? I mean, sheesh, with how often you hear it, you'd think you're body was made primarily of water or something...*giggle*

But seriously, the goal is always 1/2 your body weight (you don't really need to exceed 120 oz) a day in water. And no, water in soda or sweet tea doesn't count, haha

4) Stay in Contact with your Consultant/Promoter

This isn't for a selfish reason, but rather to ensure we can help consult with you and make sure it's going well and even make tweaks or changes based on your needs, health and lifestyle.


We can also help you obtain your goals better when we go along your journey with you. We are here as a resource FOR YOU!



Q: I do I feel, nothing, too energized, or tired?

A: Feeling all of these ways, is actually pretty normal and can be for a number of reasons. 


  1. Your body needs time to detox and adjust

  2. You need to consume more water and healthy foods

  3. If you take medications, this may hinder how quickly you "feel it"

  4. You can consider a stronger system the next go around

  5. You're not using the steps fully or correctly


Q: The DFT ("patch") is red underneath

A:This can be because its been placed on highly sensitive, thinner skin near arteries (i.e underside of wrists or arm). It can also be a sign of dehydration, changes in skin due to weather/environment, toxins flushing from your pores or because you have placed it repeatedly in the same area.


SOLUTIONS: Clean the area thoroughly after removing the DFT and moisturize. Place the DFT on areas with dense muscle or fatty tissue away from main arteries.  Drink more waster and avoid excess alcohol, sodium and preservatives (things that are often flushed through sweat). 

Q: Why shouldn't I have Coffee, Soda or Energy Drinks?

A: Because Thrive is filling your nutritional gaps. Gaps you USED to fill with these things. So, your body no longer needs them. When you give you body things it no longer needs it can have adverse/opposite effects. Too much sugar and caffeine can leave you feeling too amped up or bogged down and you want thrive so you can STOP feeling that way is my guess right?... So, drink more clean beverages like water, diluted tea or juice, etc. 

Q: How long do I need to wait before I take my mix or before I put my DFT on?

A:Wait between 20-40 minutes before drinking your mix to allow the capsules to begin metabolizing and breaking down. You can put the DFT on anytime after your capsules (but preferably after your mix)

Q: Why am I going to the bathroom so much?

A: The Experience contains enzymes as well as Pre and Probiotics. These go to work in your gut cleaning all of the build up from the years and years of toxicity that have built up in your body. This is a good thing (as uncomfortable as it might be for a little built) because it all needs somewhere to go. If you have excessively loose stool for a prolonged period of time, you might be using too much lifestyle mix (in addition to any other probiotics or diuretics you are consuming outside of the Thrive Experience). 

Q: I don't like the Lifestyle Mix

A: Chances are you're not shaking it up enough or giving it enough time to dissolve. However, you can also make it in anything thats cold (smoothie, milkshake, mixed into yogurt, etc). You may also just not like that flavor and that's ok. We have several to choose from. Also, You cannot make it overnight to consume the next day.  **If you desire to not use the Lifestyle Mix you will be missing a vital piece of the formula and it will not work as well**

Q: Do I take 1 capsule or both?

A: This is up to you and your consultant. Please be in contact with them if you feel "not enough" or "too much". However, you can easily tell what to do b y listening to your body. If you take one and do not feel the desired energy, mental clarity, mood, etc. that you want, increase it to TWO capsules. Conversely, if you are taking two and it feel like too much, scale back and just use one. 

Q: I feel shakey, jittery and like it's too much for me

A:Chances are you're using more than your body needs, or not consuming enough calories to fuel your body while it's working harder. Cut back on how much you're using. (example. If you were using  2 capsules, a full serving of Lifestyle Mix and a DFT. Consider cutting back to 1 capsule, 1/2 serving of Lifestyle Mix and either a weaker DFT or cut the DFT in half). Also, try eating food with the capsules and remember to eat healthy portions with enough macros/calories throughout the day. 

Q: Do I have to exercise or go on a diet?

A:No, not necessarily. Obviously it's a great idea to start living a healthier lifestyle overall, but there is no required diet or exercise routine to feel the benefits of this experience. The only exception to this is when you are using DUO BURN DFT or DUO DFT. These work better with low sugar/carb lifestyles with moderate exercise. 

Q:Can I only use 1 or 2 parts of the Experience?

A: Technically, you can do anything you like but bare in mind unless you're using the formula as it was designed, you will not get the desired effects. Even if you feel the "desired effects" right away, they will not be sustainable and you'll go right back to feeling like you did with coffee or energy drinks.  

Q: Can I use this while taking ___ medication or with ____ medical condition

A: Consult your physician, health specialist, pharmacist or nutritionist. While we do have people who use this on their own accord without consultation and have no adverse effects, everyone is different and if you have any concerns please speak to a doctor. 

Show them these images:





Q: Why haven't I haven't lost any weight yet?

A: Everyone's body Is different. What The Experience may have to clean out of your body first m ay not happen on your timeframe. Also, consider your diet and exercise plan (if weight management is one of your primary goals). Take measurements instead of using a scale as fat loss usually shows in inches lost before pounds lost. If you feel at a standstill consider adding BALANCE you your nightly routine.


Q: How do I get residue from the DFT off and why does it look like I'm bleeding?

A: The orangey/red color "leaking" around and under the DFT is b12 when it comes in contact with moisture (water, sweat, etc). . you can wash it off with water and soap, wipe baby/body oil over it or use alcohol to swab the area after. The redness and coloration should be gone within an hour of cleaning the area. 

Q: How long do I leave the DFT on?

A:Everyone is different. The minimum recommend length of time is 4-6 hours. Some people sleep better when the DFT remains on throughout the night while others prefer to remove it before bed. If you leave it on throughout the night and experience disturbed sleep, remove the DFT before bed from now on to see how that helps. 

Q: Can I start The Experience later in the day?

A: Start the experience as soon as you wake up (no later than NOON if you plan on going to bed at a normal time). If you work mid shifts or overnight shifts, take it whenever you wake up for the day. If started too late in the day your body may have too much energy later in the day and sleeping may be more difficult. 

Q: I cannot take capsules/pills

A: You are able to open them and consume the ingredients inside.  Fair warning... it's not very tasty (hence why it's inside a capsule). Again, you are free to consume whatever you want but know if you use an incomplete system you are less likely to experience the intended benefits. 

Q: Can I use the Lifestyle Mix whenever I want to?

A: Yes and No. The lifestyle mix should be taken in sequence following the capsules first thing in the morning. However, if you desire to use 1/2 -whole serving in addition as a meal replacement later in the day you are more than welcome to. 

Q: Why am I told to only use 1/2 a serving of Lifestyle Mix when the box/canister says to take 1 whole serving

A: You are able to use as much as you wish. Depending on the package you purchased and how much lifestyle mix you received will depend on how much you want to use on a regular basis. In the beginning of your experience you may be advised to start with 1/2 a serving just as your body gets used to it. Overtime, you can adjust it as you desire. 



Q: Is there any difference between the mens and women's Capsules?

A:No, significant difference, no. They do not contain any hormones. The mens are a tiny bit stronger and are the favored choice of people who have higher tolerances to most things. Lots of men takes women's capsules and a large number of women take men's capsules. 

Q: How much caffeine is in this?

A: Every combination of The Three Steps within the Thrive Experience contains less caffeine than a cup of coffee. Obviously, the less of each step you use daily, the less caffeine you intake.

  • The Women's Capsules contain 40mg

  • The Men's Capsules contain 50mg

  • The Lifestyle Mix contains 25mg

  • The Premium DFT 2.0 contains 0mg

  • The Ultra 2.0 DFT contains 0mg 

  • The Black/White 2.0 DFT Label contains 18mg

  • The Duo DFT Contains 30mg 

  • The Duo Burn DFT 2.0  Contains 15mg

Q: I's allergic to adhesive, can I still use the DFT?

A: Our DFT has medical grade adhesive and has an added layer of aloe and menthol to minimize potential irritation.

Q: I cannot have dairy, gluten and/or shellfish 

A: The dairy in the mix is lactose free and casein free (it is a whey protein isolate) and since whey is derived from dairy products, the labels must state "contains dairy" even though most dairy allergies are to lactose and casein a rare percentage are allergic to whey. Every product in the LeVel product line is GLUTEN FREE. The shellfish disclosure is simply because LeVel sources glucosamine. Shellfish can be a source from which glucosamine is derived. However, this is also not a common cause of shellfish allergies and there is no guarantee glucosamine in the products is or is not shellfish free. If you have concerns please proceed knowingly at your own risk. 


Q: Is The Experience "Vegan"

A: No. Because it contains whey and other sources in which vegans consider animals byproducts, The Experience is not considered vegan. 

Q: How can I get it for FREE?

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