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Ok, so by now you might be guessing that a lot of us treat this with the same respect as we would our "jobs" or an "actual business" because well , it is! We just get to do it on our own terms and have a lot of fun doing so!

You might be feeling a tad overwhelmed, maybe even lost and that's ok!


No worries!

Our goal though, is to help you feel as little less overwhelmed as time goes on. Here, you're going to find some tools and resources that have helped a lot of us GROW! We want to pass our secrets along to you!

. . .let's do this


Never get stuck on "I have nothing to post"

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You don't have to be the expert. Use your resources

When people ask "What is Thrive"?

1) Facts tell, Stories sell  ...tell them (in a quick 1-2 minute voice clip) what it has done for YOU. Remember when people ask what it is, they really want to know what it does and YOU are the best example of that. 

  • If you do not have your product yet, feel free to put them in a 3-way chat with your upline who IS thriving so your upline can tell them what it has done for them. 

2) Send them this link HERE to look over and be sure to check in and ask if them what they found to be the most interesting part or the part that appealed to them most. Once they look it over and have specific questions about what to order, send them this link HERE

  • Pro Tip: save these links in the notes section of your phone for quick access!

When people ask about the Opportunity

1) You do not have to have immense success to talk about the opportunity. So, talk about why you joined and what appealed to you. Talk about what you're hoping to gain here and how excited you are!

  • Get them in a 3-way chat with a 12k upline who has had success, has probably earned the autobonus, been on getaways ands has had a taste of what the company can offer. 

2) Send them this link (HERE) to look over and be sure to check in and ask if them which part of the opportunity appealed to them more: the culture and community, earning exctra cash, the autobonus, the getaways or something different. 

  • Pro Tip: ask them specifics instead of "what did you think"  because you'll know if they actually looked it over and also, you'll know what motivates and excited them most if they decide to join your in this. 

When people have questions you can't answer 

1) Send them this FAQ page HERE so they can see if anywhere on this page it answers their question(s). If they press [command + F] it will allow them to search keywords on the page 

  • This is also great to use even after people have ordered just incase they have questions you may not know. They can go here first before going to you. This is a major time saver. 


Use the team and your upline religiously

3-way chats/calls are the way to go!

Like you heard on the training, don't ask for permission​ to put people in three way chats. It feels robotic and as if you're about to put them in a pressure filled situation.


Instead, wait until they ask a question and then say:

"hold on a sec, let me go find out!

Then you find an upline available to get in a chat/call with you. Simply create the chat and introduce everyone.


Most importantly restate the question to your upline your prospect had in that 3-way chat. Tell them how important it is your friend get the best answer possible because making sure they have all the info they need is super important to you. 

Want to see an example?

Next Steps

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