5 Ways to Balance Your Business and Personal Life Like a Boss

In the last decade, we’ve seen a huge rise in the number of people who are starting their own businesses. This is partly due to the fact that there has been an increase in demand for products and services which can be delivered remotely, but it also reflects an attitude shift among many people about how they want to spend their time. For some, this means making more money while still being able to have a life outside of work; for others it means working on projects they enjoy without having someone else tell them what they should be doing with themselves.

However, running your own business brings its fair share of challenges too – not just balancing all those different aspects of your life so you don’t end up neglecting any of them, but also dealing with the stress which comes from knowing that everything is on your shoulders for once. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing; in fact it can help you become more comfortable speaking up and disagreeing when you think something isn’t right (something that is often not encouraged in traditional working environments). It just happens to be another reason why it’s so important to make time for yourself if you want to continue thriving in front of network marketing leads.

1) Check your emails/messages at least once a day but not incessantly

While it’s important to respond to emails as soon as you can, don’t do this at the expense of your own health. Pick a schedule for checking your messages during the day – perhaps when you first wake up, before lunchtime (without interrupting your workday), and right before you go to bed – then stick to it . That way, no matter what else is going on in your life, the time which is set aside just for network marketing will never be affected by something else.

Routine is important because it allows mentally shift gears into network marketing mode , which isn’t easy if there are other things vying for your attention. Give yourself a chance to prepare mentally beforehand so that once network marketing time comes around, you’re ready to go with a focused mind.

how checking your email less often will reduce stress

2). Have scheduled time for family, self, social obligations, appointments, etc.

Setting up meetings or calls with leads is a great way to make sure you’re spending time on other activities that need your attention. However, if these appointments are placed smack in the middle of something important, then it can be even harder to focus on work than usual. If this happens too often, then eventually work or other things start taking a backseat to everything else going on - and that's exactly what we're trying to avoid!

Instead, always schedule work time during days when you aren’t super busy with life. You can make up for lost time later if needed, but don’t let work tasks get pushed off indefinitely because of other obligations or distractions. It's a good idea to ensure your prospects, clients and team members are aware as well; if you are running behind, they should be able to understand and be understanding about it.

Create an environment where work takes precedence and even timers for tasks to keep you focused and accountable.

Some people like their home office space , others prefer working at coffee shops . But whatever your preference may be someplace without the kinds of things that can turn into major

3). Have a work calendar with all of your priorities for the day, including personal time and errands

A calendar makes it easy to schedule these appointments because you can set reminders and also see what daily events you have planned ahead of time. You’ll avoid getting stuck somewhere without realizing it’s time for work (and then becoming stressed when you realize what time it is!) and your team or clients will never be surprised if there’s other activities on the calendar because you will know what's coming and predict your availability.

1. Create a work calendar

2. Keep your priorities in mind when scheduling appointments and errands

3. Set reminders for yourself to avoid missing important events (pro tip, you can also have them connected to other devices like Alexa)

4. Don't let other things like family obligations, social activities, or personal errands interfere with your work schedule and vice versa.

5. Be aware of the time you're spending on each task - even if it's just a few minutes every day - and make sure to spend enough time on all tasks that need attention (including marketing) so they don't get pushed off indefinitely because of other commitments or distractions

6. Schedule sleep, mealtimes, self care, etc.

The gist of this tip is that: if it is not on your schedule it does not exist!

How to avoid burnout and manage your time better so you can get more done

4). Set a "stop work" time that you honor.

Set "work hours" and stick by them. This is primarily for peopler who feel they need to be ON all the time. This is such a toxic mindset in the entrepreneurial world-- it is incredibly unhealthy. You ;re not a neurosurgeon and so you do not have to be on call because nothing is an emergency life or death situation.

It's easier to do this when you're actually PRODUCTIVE throughout the day and not just "busy". Here is how to be more productive so you feel better about :"clocking out:" at a reasonable time.

- Spend around two hours per day on leisure and personal care. If you need to spend more time on these, then cut back on the other non-work parts of your life that are competing for that time.

- Prioritize: Identify what is most important in your life - family, personal growth and development, social connections, etc. - then make sure you have enough time set aside just for this priority.

- Reach out when you need help: If you're struggling with feeling like there's not enough time in a day, don't hesitate to talk with someone about it. There are three main ways to go about this: 1) hire a personal assistant or organizer; 2) ask a friend for help keeping you accountable; 3) seek out counseling services if you have depression or anxiety that is getting in the way of work and life balance .

There are many more tips on how to achieve balance , but these will get you started right away!

5). Have a clear vision and SMART goals.

SMART goals are more effective and successful in comparison to having a goal that is not specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, or time-bound.

Having clarity in what you do everyday and why you so it helps maintain focus and create greater discipline for getting done difficult things.

Irrational beliefs are often the biggest culprit for why people lack clarity in these areas.

I want to give you some advice on how I overcame my own irrational beliefs that were causing me to procrastinate for a long time. There are two ways to overcome procrastination caused by an irrational belief. The first way is to replace the irrational belief with a rational one. I'll give you an example of this below. The second way is by identifying the situations and rewards that are causing you to procrastinate and then either removing the reward, or replacing the situation with a different one.

Here is an example:

Irrational "I'm not good enough" thought: I have no talent for writing, network marketing or whatever the task may be.

Replace an irrational thought with a rational one by rewording your negative thoughts into positive ones (i.e., disputing negative thoughts).

Here is how you can dispute your own negative thinking by identifying three things:

1) Believe it

2) Rationally disprove it

3) Add a positive belief. You need to pay attention to limiting beliefs (beliefs creating the problem), then generate opposing beliefs that are rational, positive and realistic - designed to change your emotions and save you time by removing procrastination.

Rational Belief: I am good enough because I have talent and all the resources needed to get this started. There are some factors out of my control (traffic, network) but it's still worth doing for me because I enjoy writing about these topics and helping people learn new things.

In the end...

Being able to balance all these different aspects of your life can be tricky – business owners are known for working long hours and collapsing into bed at night with little energy left over for anything else – but some entrepreneurs manage to achieve this. We hope these tips will help you find and establish more structure in your life so you too can find some better work/life balance.