7 Easy Tips For Quality Sleep Without Medications

It’s a busy world out there and the hustle and bustle don’t always end when the sun goes down.

In fact, many of us busy parents tend to neglect our sleep to get that much-coveted “ME TIME” after the kids go to bed.

We all enjoy things like catching up on our favorite crime series or listening to the new podcast that launched today. But, it's important to remember that having quality sleep is a major necessity for our bodies.

quality sleep without medication

So here is a list of:


1.) Establish A Routine -

Establishing a routine may be one of the most important aspects of quality sleep. Oftentimes, parents receive this advice when their children have restless nights.

We are creatures of habit, when we repeat a habit our bodies learn to expect what will come next. We tend to get hungry at certain times, use the restroom, or wake up all by the natural rhythm of our bodies. Sleep should be no different. First, decide a time you can consistently begin your nighttime routine. Second, engage in low-energy tasks like washing your face, reading a book, or journaling. It takes approximately three weeks for your body to get used to new routines, so being consistent is key.

2.) Don’t Go To Bed Hungry -

There is a fine line to walk here. This is not a free pass to binge eat before bed. Doing this can cause both digestive discomforts and heartburn. Neither of which will contribute to better sleep. Going to bed on an empty stomach can actually keep you awake due to the discomfort. Try instead, drinking a cup of sleepy time tea with honey or a handful of almonds. These can aid in quality sleep without medication.

3.) Use A Diffuser -

Using a diffuser has many health benefits and quality sleep is one of them. For about 20 minutes, while you read or do what you like to prepare to go to bed, use a calming scent like Lavender and Chamomile.

diffuser for quality sleep without medication

4.)Meditate -

Meditation is another helpful habit that has many other health benefits. Meditating before laying down to sleep is a great way to both calm a busy mind and soothe irritability. Try short sessions of 10-15 minutes to start with and increase as you become more experienced.

5.)Listen to Sleep Sounds -

One of the many enemies of sleep is a racing mind. Try to listen to sleep stories before bed. I recommend Sleepy Cat Meditations or Sleep Cove YouTube Channel. This will direct your mind to something other than life's daily stressors.

6.) No Electronics -

This is a difficult one for many people. We want to scroll social media or watch the latest 10 episodes of our favorite show until we can’t hold our eyes open. Those activities are fine in the evenings, but having a cut-off time is essential. The late-night scrolling or watching leads to a stressed mind and low-quality sleep. When you set a time to stop the late-night scrolling or watching, you will see an increase in quality sleep without medication.

Commit to turning off the television or putting down your phone at a set time. Even setting an alarm on your phone to remind you that it is time to put it down can be helpful.

quality sleep without medications

7.) Gut Health -

Poor gut health can interfere with normal sleep patterns and potentially cause insomnia. The use of a quality probiotic at night will help establish proper gut health. Quality probiotics help your body process hormones, like serotonin. Serotonin is essential for quality sleep. We all know sleep is a necessity, and getting good sleep is always the idea.

Try these 7 easy tips for quality sleep without medications.

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