7 Ways to Practice Self-Care at Home

Do you feel like you are forever adulting?

Do you forget to take care of your mental and physical health?

Aside from showering and brushing my teeth, I am right there with you.

I find myself needing those moments between the chaos to pour into my own cup.

So, in the last few months, I have been finding ways to sneak self-care at home into my routine.

Yes, it is possible to do amid running a household!

No, it does not have to cost tons of money!

Here are some tips I have recently learned:

1. Getting enough sleep matters!

Learn what your body needs to function at its best, and do not allow yourself to take time away from your sleep. Yes, that includes to binge-watch that new show on Netflix. Your body heals itself during sleep. You will find yourself feeling much better once you make it a priority in your life. (Those electronics are not doing you any favors anyway!)

For more tips on getting better sleep, check out 7 Easy Tips For Quality Sleep Without Medications.

2. Nutrition is equally important!

Eat healthier meals instead of fast food regularly. It makes a major difference in how you feel- and your bank account will thank you too! Find a good-quality vitamin that you feel a difference from when you take it. Most store-bought (OTC) vitamins have low absorption rates. Once I found some that worked and got to the gut where it is best absorbed, the whole game changed!

3. If you must do household chores (we all do at some point!), crank up some tunes and open some windows if the weather allows.

You can do this while driving around too! Fresh air and moments of happiness prove to reduce things like anxiety and blood pressure and increase your overall mood.

4. Since I mentioned opening the windows, do some research on “grounding” and give it a try!

I have found that self-care at home means utilizing what I have near me. Feeling the grass and dirt beneath my feet has influenced my mental health. On a gorgeous day, try opening your windows, sit under a tree, and read or watch the leaves rustle in the wind, see the birds fly around. Don't be afraid to take in nature around you. It's not only peaceful but I have found it “resets” me.

5. A hot shower and pampering yourself can go a long way.

Find a charcoal mask or bath bomb that releases essential oils, and make it a point not to let it sit on your shelf- use it! Music could help here, too!

6. Get all dressed up for ZERO reasons.

Wear the nice clothes, put on the makeup if that's your thing, and remind yourself of the things that make you a beautiful human being! Even if it's just to practice some self-care at home, and not go anywhere.

7. Remember the things that make you, YOU.

What are your passions and hobbies aside from the many chores and jobs you juggle? Find yourself again and create a time to do those things. If it looks like having intentional friend time, invite a friend over! Spoil yourself to a fancy meal or some new books; you deserve it!

Adulting often has us convinced that we cannot enjoy the little things in life anymore. We are too busy with life to do that. I implore you to slow down and pour time into yourself and the things that make you happy more often.

Happy Self-Caring!