Become Successful: Being a Brand Influencer

There is a slight science that separates those who are Brand Influencers and those who are successful Brand Influencers. Here are some tips I believe make all the difference.

1). Take your partnership seriously as if it were your "real" job.

The more seriously you take your partnership or "brand", the more personally invested you are. When you take it personally, the more attention you give it, the more quality time and efforts you invest in it. If you view it as a reflection or an extension of yourself, you will begin to see your content and work ethic improve, thereby increasing your payoff potential.

2.) Be Consistent

Consistently is key. This means posting and sharing content mindfully & on an ongoing basis--not just when you need a sale, when there's a promotion or special going on, etc.

Make it part of your life/lifestyle. This is the draw to attraction marketing. People trust you when they feel you genuinely enjoy the product. It does not appear genuine if you only share it once in a blue moon.

Post equitably across all of your most successful platforms. Also, don't forget the power of sharing it in person as well. Talk about it at events, gatherings, lunch dates, the grocery store, etc.

3.) Perception is Everything

Try to be mindful of how you could be perceived. This is difficult sometimes for newer people getting the hang of things. ​​​

Be wary of using a competitors product because this creates doubt in the minds of your potential or current customers. Also, this mixed message creates a feeling of dishonesty in the minds of your customers. They may feel lied to in some way. Remember perception is everything.

Example: If someone claims to have a product that gives you all this amazing clean energy, you will feel a bit lied to if you see them at Starbucks every day ordering a "tall, no foam, double caff, half whip caramel latte".

We all have off days; you are human, so be human. However, bare in mind that to an extent who you are ALWAYS representing your brand. How you speak, the jokes you tell, the clothes you wear, how you treat others, how you carry yourself, your attitude, etc. Be mindful of what you do and say; make sure it is an accurate portrayal and display of what you want your brand to be.

Be professional - regardless of what you want your brand to be, you are in business and should conduct yourself accordingly (even in your social life)

Be true to your word and do not be hypocritical. If you use a product and say it does this and that, it better do this and that for you--if you are using your life as a representation for that product. We call this "Be a product of the product".

4.) Get to know your platforms and your audience

You cannot successfully appeal to people if you do not know what they like, how they are marketed to and what platforms they are using. Basically this boils down to --be informed and educated.

Get to know your platforms, their algorithms and the targeted audience. Research these things proactively and figure out how to capitalize on these marketing strategies.

Watch and observe what your audience posts about and also what they engage with you about. Study your own posts and see what generates the most interaction and curiosity from others. Also, watch what your audience posts about and shares. What do they like? What are they into? What's relevant? etc.

5.) Always Be Connecting (ABC)

Reach each out to people and connect personally. Build relationships with them and engage regularly and genuinely.

Make new friends/connections by joining groups, pages, platforms, classes, etc (in person and online).

Be social and do so proactively. This also goes hand in hand with algorithm,s if we are speaking strictly about engaging on social media. In person; always smile and be positive/engaging. Ask people how they are and listen to them. Seek out opportunities to be social; do not be afraid to connect and engage with people.

"Be the person others want to be or be friends with". These are wise words from author Dale Carnegie. In How to Win Friends and Influence People, he talks about characteristics of an influential person. He concluded that those who were deemed influential were either somebody an individual admired and wanted to be like, or someone they hoped to be friends with.

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