Digital Marketing with a Hippie Soul | Kayla Nasca

Ok y'all, ready for this...

I do not know Kayla through the military (haha)! I know many of you are beginning to think, "Good heavens, does this woman know anyone outside of the military?!" I do...but only a select few however, if I am being honest.


I met Kayla eons ago in High School up in Standish, Maine. We were placed in the same English classes at this special table up front we dubbed "the blue table" because it was large, and blue (not very creative for some AP English students, but sometimes literal is best right?) Somewhat of a gang, we became a force to be reckoned with (and English gang, I know, don't laugh). We were empowered with the knowledge of a semi colon that impressed even our most toughest of teachers (except Mr. Brooks because he deemed everything written by a student as unworthy). He'll probably email me a grade for this blog with the subject line "Trash" (I secretly adore him)

I digress...

Kayla was a unique soul and one I have always felt connected to. Our eclectic love for all things that would seemingly clash, made us instant friends and that has lasted over a decade now (wow, that feels weird to say). We would text one another and become live commentators for every awards show. We empowered one another in ever business and personal endeavor, we have agreed to disagree with grace and dignity on all issues we might not see eye to eye on (as it should be) and it has blossomed into this sisterhood of support that women only dream of. If you need a "yassssss queen" woman in your life, Kayla is that woman!

Hear all about her amazing business below!

"Hey all! My name is Kayla and I am the founder and director of Lunar Desk Management, a boutique public relations and digital marketing agency based in Jacksonville, FL. LDM represents brands for media, celebrity and influencer placement and represents artists as a full scale social and public relations service.

My brand clients and their products have most recently been featured on E! and Bravo networks while my artist clients are currently headlining national tours with features in Billboard, Live For Live Music and JamBase.

My brand is about helping business entities build relationships within their industry that will support long term growth. Public relations and social strategy require a human element so it's important to me, as a founder, that Lunar Desk Management maintains relationships with a wide network of massively talented, social and creative people, from media to production to celebrities to audience. Everyone is invited to our party!

Outside of work, I am a wife and a mother of three, a traveler, music lover and admitted reality television addict. I am a native of the great state of Maine but a Florida girl since 2008. I can't wait to show you all some love!"


Professional Email:

Follow her on Instagram: @harveykayla88

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