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When I first "met" Heidi, she was a bubbly online personality with a heart of gold. I quickly came to see she was not only driven, but extremely passionate about everything in her life.

Heidi (yes, another military connection--sensing a theme?) is the owner of an incredibly successional online--and now mobile-- Boutique! Not only are her clothes adorable, but they are practical and extremely comfortable. She is the perfect combination of Sassy and Sexy, and her items reflects just that. This veteran-owned, female operate double threat is one you who won't soon forget! Read more to hear all about her and Heavens to Betsy!

"My name is Heidi Allen (Heidi America for those on Facebook) #merica

I am the owner of Heavens To Betsy Boutique Online! This week I went mobile with my new boutique truck, Betsy! I am so excited to be launching this new part of my business.

I personally spent 12 years in the military- some of the best years of my life. I also have a husband who is still currently serving the Navy! As a military veteran

and spouse I wanted a business that could move with us and would allow us to start a family where I could be "home"!

I am an "Infertility Warrior", so this business has been such an amazing blessing. It helps to pay for treatments and allows me the flexibility for all my appointments and the... emotional roller coasters to put it lightly. 

Where did I get this idea? Well, I’m about half tomboy and half "basic b*tch". I wasn’t really wild about shopping in the juniors department but wasn’t ready for ginormous fashion plummet into the women’s department either. I was lost as to where to shop and what would fit my personal style. I wanted to find clothes that were stylish but comfortable. I didn't want high maintenance (the half tomboy part, haha) so they needed to be easy to wash, super soft, affordable ( oh yeah, they needed pocket too; who doesn't love pockets?!) . I couldn’t really find that!

I’d love to say I did all my research then carefully planned my business... but I didn’t! My husband was deployed so I just dove in head first! I made a ton of mistakes-- expensive ones! But after 2 years of never giving up, I AM KILLING IT Y'ALL!!! Sometimes you just need to throw caution to the wind and go after what you want in life!

Heavens To Betsy Boutique Online is available for online shopping (can I get an amen?!) However, if you’re local to Eastern North Carolina, you can come on over and shop! I’ll have the

Mobile Boutique out at events & you can book the truck for events or parties of your very own!

I am a champion of other "Boss Babes" and am always rooting for them! I couldn’t do it without my amazing friends and customers! You all are the real MVPs! If my customers aren't already some of my best friends, they usually become my friends. Here is a preemptive welcome to the Heavens to Betsy Family! Can't wait to see yo around! Love you all so much!"

Find me here:



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