You’re the Reason Your Life Sucks | Don’t Get Stuck

Today- stop playing the victim

Circumstances beyond our control deal our hand

But only we control how to play that hand

Stop believing you’re powerless to change everything and start working things out for your good —ON PURPOSE.

Take control and start living your life the way you want; go after what sets your heart a blaze and change your circumstances!

Stop giving that power over to “the universe”, other people, and circumstances beyond your control

That’s like stepping on the gas, taking your hands of the wheel and closing you’re eyes— then being frustrated about what’s happening. Grab the wheel and go where you want.

The reason your life sucks is because of you...

Let’s repeat that

If your life sucks, only you’re to blame & here’s why:

You choose to dwell in this place

You choose to settle instead of change

You choose to believe you’re unworthy

You choose to stay or go or stop or start

You choose to give Into fear and all those

voices that tell you “you can’t”

You chose to believe all of it

You choose to act on it

You choose to accept it

If you’re reading this and saying “I didn’t have a choice!” You need to hear this most.

We can’t always control what happens to us, but we control whether we stay down in defeat or rise up and challenge it.

You can’t change what’s happened to you, but you can choose how you live every second thereafter

Make. The. Choice

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