Tips and tricks

Whether you are coming into this opportunity as a student, full time employee, full time parent, or all of them at once.... it's important for you to know that ​your goals are worth it. No matter how big or small, they're worth it!

That means they're worth working toward and making time for. They're worth hardships and learning curves, hurdles and small sacrifices, yes?!

We all have lives; families, expectations, hobbies, etc. We know that it can be difficult to juggle working this opportunity and  all of those other things on top of it. 

We've learned a few tricks along the way that have made our lives a lot easier and a whole lot more successful as well. Two things we want you to experience too!


Above all, stay connected and "plugged in"

It can be so easy to prioritize everything else in our day and then be too "drained", "tired" or "unmotivated" to work our business. Trust me, we've all been there. 

If you're like a lot of us were in the beginning you might think "eh, I don't need to be on that zoom meeting/training. It doesn't sound very important", or "I just don't have time I'm sure there will be another one" and about 10 million other rationales along these same lines. 

We get it. But we have also seen what happens when we aren't "plugged in" and what happens to our morale and business. . . (yeah, it tanks). 

But, why?

Well, when you miss information that gives you more knowledge, new techniques, brand new policies, procedures or product info, you cannot perform as well because you're totally out of the loop and you're no longer very efficient. 

While you most certainly do not have to attend every available training under the sun, making time for some is very important. As a team we have several opportunities to train and you can choose the ones that fit in your schedule!!


how can you stay plugged in?


download this app and make an account

Save this link for quick access to trainings 

messenger .jpeg


We connect with one another daily in these chats. They're a great resource as well as a place we encourage one another, celebrate with eachother and just be, well...friends!!

You may be added to 1-2 of these chats. One smaller and more intimate chat and one larger chat (Thrive Army). The larger chat is for you to be connected to more resources and to ask questions in there if a customer or promoter stumps you with a question. 

If the notifications become too much, feel free to mute the chat or turn notifications for messenger off under settings. But try not to "leave" the chats unless you are leaving the team/business all together. 


MAKE time in the nooks and crannies of your day

The day gets away from us all and before we know it, the day is over and we haven't done anything to build our dreams​! This is why even the most "wing it" type of person on our team has learned to become a little more disciplined at prioritizing their days in order to find the success they want. 

This doesn't mean you have to keep a planner (although it helps), but make sure you have some means of holding yourself accountable to doing at least 30 mins of income producing activities (IPAs) a day.


Don't you think your dreams/goals deserve at least 30 mins? We think so!

But how do you make time?

Hear from two ladies whose lives did not make this opportunity easy.

So, what did they do? 


...worked 3 jobs when she started promoting!

She is a military wife and active dog mom who enjoys being social, volunteering, working out and apparently...not sleeping, haha. She was able to build this business to 12k while working all 3 of her jobs 


...worked a demanding corporate job in management.

She has children of all ages in every sport imaginable. Her husband also works full time and they share a demanding home life filled with responsibilities, duties and commitments. Elizabeth only recently left her full time 9-5 only (just 1 1/2  years into promoting). This means she was able to build an empire AND do all of those things listed above. Sound like you? 


Set S.M.A.R.T Goals that hold you accountable 

My Why

Coworkers plan work

We want to help you reach all of the goals you have for yourself and this business. However, that all starts with YOU and the goals you set for yourself. 

We call this "finding your why"


Why is it so important?

This WHY (dream, goals, person, desire, etc.) is what you will need to motivate yourself when times are hard, when you don't want to or feel like showing up for yourself,  when you're faced with doing something challenging or out of your comfort zone, etc. This WHY pulls you through.  

Know this: your why may also change or evolve overtime and that's ok!

But, it's important to pick 1-2 now so you can get started with growing and setting the stage to begin living the life you deserve!


How to set and accomplish your goals

Have you ever had a goal and you just didn't achieve it? Yeah, pretty much everyone on the planet has. Why is that though? Well, #1 their why (or why not) was likely not strong enough and #2 they failed to have a S.M.A.R.T goal/plan


What the heck is S.M.A.R.T Goal?

S- Specific 

M- Measurable 

A- Attainable 

R - Realistic 

T- Time Oriented 


Below is a template that can help you start with making some of these smart goals for yourself. Try to make 1-2

Here is a clue, one goals is:

Hitting VIP800 & 1600!


Now, you only need 1 more goal! If I were you, I would make the next goal something you're working on AFTER/at the same time as VIP 800 & 1600

... like 4k or 12k. 

. . . you always want to make one goal a tad more challenging than the others

We want you to keep these things in mind when making your  daily/weekly plan for how to achieve these goals:

  • How many NEW people will you connect with each day?

  • If you only make 3 posts today what will they be about?

  • How will you connect with your team/upline today and when?

  • What things can you listen to or read to grow and learn?

  • Are there any trainings, meetings, or calls I can attend today?

We calls these IPAs (income producing activities)

They make up your DMO (daily mode of operation)

 What's that? 

Your DMO are the activities (IPAs) you do every day to help you achieve your goal(s).


These are tasks you do each day to hold yourself accountable to your goal(s) and ensure you're working on them a little bit each day. 


In the beginning maybe your DMO isn't very intense, that's ok!


Remember, activities evolve overtime as your goals evolve. 

The most important thing to take away from this is

You have to make sure your DMO is directly proportional to your goal(s)

Meaning, if you have BIG goals and want BIG rewards have to work BIG! 

BIG WORK ​does not equal MORE TIME

. . . just more drive!

ok, enough of the serious stuff!

some of your teammates wanna say something!

love, karlee

love, brit